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New Perspective Psychiatry hereby announces the closing on December 31, 2023 of the psychiatric practice of William H. Hankin, M.D. after 36 years in Cape May and then Atlantic Counties.
(Since  2019 as New Perspective.)

 Any patient requesting a copy of their medical records must include the following information with that request: 

1. Name, Address, Phone, Fax and Email of the authorized requestor.(may be the patient)

2. "requests the release of the psychiatric medical records of"

3. Name, birthdate, address, phone number of the patient.

4. Active signature of the patient (no photo copies)

5. Copy of the current ID with signature of the patient.

6. From [date] to [date] of requested records


A PDF file of the records will then be sent to the email of the requestor (preferred method), if not, as requested to the address of the requestor.


After 12/31/2023 requests may be submitted by mail to:


Medical Record Custodian

PO Box 464

Somers Point, NJ 08244-0464


PDF files of scanned requests including all of the above information may be sent to:


If there are any remediable errors on the request, the requestor will be notified.


Thank you,

New Perspective Psychiatry, P.A.

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